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Man Up and the problem at the heart of all rom-coms: the fallacy of “The One”.

  Spoilers below.   Man Up is a breezy London-set romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. If you like a good rom-com it’s worth eighty-eight minutes of your time, if only for Bell who is quite wonderful in the film: funny, charismatic, engaging, and sporting a flawless London accent (she’s a New Yorker) playing thirty-four-year-old singleton Nancy. (more…)

Alien: writing original characters and the Ripley Gender Switcheroo

  I read this short piece today about a character who is arguably one of the most enduring icons of female empowerment in movies – Ellen Ripley. Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley was indeed a character that was “edgy” in 1979. This “brash, unwomanly woman” is a key reason why Alien is such a classic movie. That and Jonesy the cat of course (pictured with Ripley above). (more…)

House of Cards: slick, flashy, watchable … just not very good.

      I’ve just finished watching House of Cards Season 3. Did I enjoy it? I did. There is so much to appreciate in this Netflix show, not least the stellar performances of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as President Frank Underwood and First Lady Claire. The show is beautifully directed by David Fincher and his team; the whole package exudes quality. (more…)

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