Man Up and the problem at the heart of all rom-coms: the fallacy of “The One”.

  Spoilers below.   Man Up is a breezy London-set romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. If you like a good rom-com it’s worth eighty-eight minutes of your time, if only for Bell who is quite wonderful in the film: funny, charismatic, engaging, and sporting a flawless London accent (she’s a New Yorker) playing thirty-four-year-old singleton Nancy. (more…)

Quote me on this…

Like the vast majority of writers I don’t find the writing process easy. Some days it’s painfully hard work. Not smashing up rocks with a pickaxe down a salt mine hard, but writing can be its own exquisite desk-bound hell. Most of the time I’m not enjoying myself, particularly when working on the first draft of a script. Enter the dark high priest whose goes by the name Procrastination. Hey, and what better way to procrastinate than a blog? (more…)